Kama Retreats is a combination of unique Tantric initiations with a holiday in some of the world’s most amazing destinations. A Tantric experience of a lifetime – within your grasp!

why we love what we do

Tantra fascinates and amazes us.
Ever since we ourselves began taking steps on this path of ecstasy and bliss, experiences we have had turned out to be beyond imagination. We became convinced: Tantra is the ultimate experience life has to offer.

We believe Tantra offers a methodology which will take humanity to a Golden Age never before noted in the human history. It is a lifestyle of human beings who know they deserve the best and that the best can be achieved through the overwhelming power of Love. We see our initiative as a part of a collective, world-wide effort, done on various levels in order to transform humanity’s current paradigm, into the one which truly allows happiness and fulfillment for all and the true, yet humble, understanding of our role in this life. We look forward to sharing this with YOU!

Advaita Stoian
principle teacher & coordinator

Advaita is an acclaimed author, researcher, philosopher, life coach and teacher, who has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra for more than 28 years. Through his intensive spiritual practice, he has attained the practical understanding of life’s deepest mechanisms, becoming a treasure for all who want to walk the path using their inner resources. Through his intense practice of the many Tantric methods for almost three decades, Advaita has become an inspiring speaker and a respected role model in the art of living a Tantric life.

Our Team

In an effort to share profound Tantra with others who similarly dare to look for the best in life, we have gathered some of the world’s most experienced and talented teachers to share their knowledge and guidance during our unique holiday experiences.